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How often should I use purple shampoo?

Rodney Wayne Creative and Education Director, Newton Cook has the answers.

For those who tend to go brassy quite fast and prefer a cooler blonde, Newton recommends ‘Use your purple formula every second shampoo, no more than twice a week. Each time, use your normal shampoo for the first cleanse followed by the purple, then rinse and condition.’

If your hair always takes to brassy tones, Newton advises; ‘Talk with your stylist about whether a blue shampoo would be better prescribed to keep your colour looking cooler.’

Purple shampoos are not recommended for daily use as the pigment can build up on the hair, essentially dulling down your blonde, and it can be drying given its main purpose is colour treatment rather than nourishment. If overly used, or left in too long, there can be challenges with your next colour service due to the buildup.