How To Guide: Recycling your shipping packaging

R3 Pack Recycled Courier Bags

R3 Pack Recyled Courier Bag

R3 Pack courier bags are made from 100% Recycled plastic and do not contain any virgin plastic. The rustic feel and thickness of these amazing courier bags means that they can be reused multiple times before they need to be recycled with soft plastics.

Recycle your soft plastics in person here or via NZ Post here

 Geami Ecowrap & White Tissue

Ranpak Eco Wrap

The Geami WrapPak is the combination of a patented die cut Kraft paper with a tissue interleaf paper. The wrap is made from sustainable forests and expands to a 3D honeycomb structure, providing protective cushioning while shipping. The wrapping is naturally biodegradable or recyclable using most local curbside recycling program's click here for your local councils guide.

Thank you card Printed on Eco100 Recycled Paper

Information Card

Eco100 High White is manufactured as a carbon neutral paper, produced using FSC® Certified, 100% Post Consumer Recycled PCF pulp. Recyclable using most local curbside recycling program's click here for your local councils guide.

Sticker printed on Rockstock Stone Paper

Haircare Experts Sticker

Rockstock is a high quality innovative paper manufactured from ground down waste stone (pieces too small or the wrong shape to make a building tile) and offcuts used in the building industry. It is both recyclable as paper and photo-degradable. Recyclable using most local curbside recycling program's click here for your local councils guide.